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Meet Our Trainers

Ross Andrews

Ross describes himself as a results based fitness coach. He is passionate about seeing his clients fit and strong, and having fun in the process. His approach is all about keeping training uncomplicated.

A previously state qualified squash player and Fitness Australia registered, with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Ross focuses on an array of functional training and exercise disciplines with an emphasis on safe, focused, tailored and highly skilled training disciplines.

Ross specializes in TRX, spin, boxing, group fitness and strength and conditioning training.

0411 479 268


Mikhael East

Mikhael is best known to the ReCreation community as the former Group Fitness Director of Re-Creation Armadale and then Glen Iris between 2007 and 2011. His classes - including the ReCreation created Results class - have been keeping the community fit for over 7 years!

He has lectured at institutions in personal training and group fitness, written countless fitness articles for various publications, and presented for some pretty amazing international fitness brands. He is a former Mr. Fitness Australia champion, an amateur bodybuilder, and has hosted fitness events as an MC for fitness companies such as Radical Fitness and Total Gym.
He has taught an estimated 5000 classes in his career to date, and clocked some 2000 PT sessions!

Mikhael's style of PT gets the unfit fit, and the fit fitter! 

0423 924 829


Emma Fenton

Emma believes getting fit and healthy is rarely a question of ability, it’s a question of motivation. FentFit Personal Training was born out of Emma’s desire to help motivate those who may be struggling to motivate themselves with their quest to lead a fit & healthy lifestyle.

Emma is passionate about the health and fitness industry and assisting her clients to achieve the results and reach their goals by creating individual training programs to suit their specific needs. Emma specializes in strength & conditioning, group training and weight loss, FentFIT Personal Training will provide you with results-focused, intense workouts using the very best from kettlebells, tabata, TRX, core, intervals, bodyweight, plyometrics, boxing, kickboxing, and more.

0409 944 610


Morgan Stubbs

Morgan’s main passion in life is helping others achieve their fitness goals. He believes no matter what level of fitness you are at or what you want to get out of your training you can achieve it if you set your mind to it. He is happy to assist you with an extensive depth ofm knowledge and ability.

Morgan specializes in Boxing, Kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, Strength & conditioning, Weight loss, TRX and Group training.

0450 696 979



Emily Mordue

Emily’s moto is ‘compete with your best self to always be a better self’! She believes in training with her clients as a team, together improving any weaknesses and progressing step by step to attain optimum fitness levels and achieve results fast!

Emily's proudest fitness achievement thus far has been her loss of 15kg/10% body fat which lead her to compete and place 4th in her first State Bodybuilding Figure Championships. Emily's uses her personal experience with completely transforming her body and fitness to ensure her clients feel comfortable about being uncomfortable on their journey to get the results they desire.

Emily specializes in body sculpting, Bikini Model, Figure Competitor Prep, Men's Physique and bodybuilding Prep through High Intensity Full Body Training to reach any level of fitness. She also specializes in Nutritional Advice for health and body shaping. 

0400 652 175


Luke Riley

Luke’s mission is to use his skills and knowledge to ensure that you achieve the results you desire. No matter if you’ve never exercised before or if you’re training for sport performance you can feel comfortable knowing you will have the ongoing support and guidance to get you to your goal. 

Luke has been in fitness industry for over 6 years, he was previously working as a Head Coach with the role of developing and managing personal trainers. He has completed his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning), a degree in Exercise & Sport Science as well as a variety of other short courses. For all enquiries about Luke's services contact Luke   0430 588 210.



Georgena Kalpakidis 

Georgena’s motto is ‘challenge your body to further challenge and discipline your mind.’ Georgena’s passion is to help people achieve their dreams and goals by working together as a team whilst having fun and pulling out a sweat! 
Having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (DANCE) at the Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne. Georgena is now sharing her enhanced knowledge from her own learning and practice. She believes utilising the entire body to reach maximum strength and mobility will help prevent and diminish any aches or pains while maintaining a healthy and strong body. With this, Georgena focuses to help people become more aware of how their body and its subtleties function through day-to-day tasks with a variety of training techniques. 
Georgena has a strong background in functional and integrated training, weight training, a wide range of stretching techniques, strength and conditioning and designing programs specifically suited to any individual’s goal!

0468 425 693


Gabriel Osario 

Gabriel or (Gabs) has been a member of the fitness industry for the past 7 years, constantly gaining knowledge and developing an array of disciplines all over the world. Gabriel specializes in Calisthenics, Urban Workouts and anti-gravity movements (competing at Bondi Beach Bar Brutes 2014 and placing 2nd ). As well as this, Gabriel is a member of Elite Performance Academy, whose main focus is to challenge the boundaries of performance by applying scientific methods in order to achieve excellence. In 2015 Gabriel was invited as a presenter for Zero Gravity at Filex to showcase the benefits and skills of body weight training.

Gabriel lives by the motto "Respect the training, Honor the Commitment and Cherish the Results"   

0422 772 899


Edwin John 

Edwin has been working in the health and fitness industry since he was 16 and has a degree in Sports Science. Having coached a multitude of sports professionally both at Primary, Secondary School and Club level, before turning to his focus to Personal Training, his sessions are perfect for that quick fix mixture of cardio, weights and most importantly fun. Being a competitive Powerlifter Edwin is a strong believer in practising what you preach!

Edwin has worked with a wide variety of clients of all ages and fitness levels and knows how to taylor the sessions best to suit you and to get RESULTS. Edwin specialises in Power and Olympic lifting, spin, trx, strength and conditioning and group training.

0406 301 411



Grace Clifford-Fleming  

Grace advocates a holistic philosophy.  Her goal is to educate her clients to have a healthy relationship with food, and as equally important; to live actively. She specialises in strength training and weight loss, which is critical for optimal health and wellness. 

She believes in fuelling and nourishing the body from the inside - out. “By filling the body with foods from the earth, and by living actively, I promise that you will be rewarded with health and happiness. I put a lot of love and energy into helping people achieve optimal wellness, because it’s something I’m very passionate about & I want you to become passionate about healthy living too” 

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