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There are plenty of ways to train with us whether you want to be part of a Power Lifting Club, take a Spin Class or a rejuvenating Yoga Class in our Body Retreat studio.  We have something for everyone – have a look through our programs to find what’s right for you!


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Intensity training is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build cardiovascular fitness, strength and power.  Our Function Centre training zone, is equipped with boxing bags, ropes, jump boxes, and hosts over 20 functional training classes per week. Check out the Group Fitness Timetable and join us for an interval or circuit style session at one of our great classes:

Body Combat

Les Mills total body conditioning class using non-impact martial arts movements incorporating boxing/kicking combinations. This is a super motivating and popular class for all ages!! Easy combinations are performed to motivating music.


Body Pump

Les Mills strength training program using adjustable barbells. It is the most successful pre choreographed program in the world. A great all over workout targeting all muscle groups, designed to shape and tone the whole of the body!



A fun and varied functional training Bootcamp style class which uses circuit and rep style formulas. Get stuck into a straightforward motivating workout with battle ropes, kettlebells, block benches, dumbbells and a variety of body weight training methods such as burpees, pushups, lunges, bear crawls and lots more! Although it sounds scary this class is suitable for all fitness levels - as your trainer will modify the number of reps and exercise difficulty. FUN NOT FEAR!!


Box Fit

There is a reason why boxers are amongst the fittest athletes in the world. Its because their training methods work! This class uses boxing glove/mitt combinations, skipping, hanging punch bag work and serious ab exercises, which will churn through the calories and get you fighting fit in record time !


Grit Cardio

Les Mills GRIT™ Cardio is a 30 minute high intensity interval training workout that features explosive high impact movements designed to burn fat and improve athletic capability.


Grit Strength

Les Mills GRIT™ Strength is a 30 minute high intensity interval training workout that takes you in to overdrive to go hard, push harder and get you fitter, super fast. The short sharp demanding exercises combine weightlifting, running and plyometrics for a full body workout that increases aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, metabolism and power
Followed by a 15 min ABS section!



Sessions for rapid results! HEAT utilizes a circuit format, whilst also employing the scientifically proven benefits of interval style sprint training. Boost pure strength gains, stimulate cardiovascular conditioning and get a great workout to boot! HEAT 45 = 45 minutes duration



Sessions for rapid results! Heat utilizes a circuit format, whilst also employing the scientifically proven benefits of interval style sprint training. Boost pure strength gains, stimulate cardiovascular conditioning and get super fit! HEAT 60 = 60 minutes duration.





Our beautiful Body Retreat studio is our dedicated mind body centre hosting over 30 classes a week. The large studio is fitted with dance flooring (Tarqett) and ballet barres, enabling us to host the fastest growing new fitness program in the world today - Barre Fit. In addition, the studio is equipped with world class infrared heat panels that can penetrate deep inside the body to create a gentle uplifting warmth without the need to excessively overheat the room. Experience the healing benefits of radiant heated Yoga (Hot Yoga) including accelerated muscle recovery, improved energy levels, reduces stress, reduced joint pain and improved sense of well-being. Check out the Group Fitness Timetable and join us for one of our mind / body classes:


Yoga & Hot Yoga

Various Yoga styles are offered and are specific to the particular Yoga instructor. Our instructors are all trained and experienced and are of studio standard. Several Hot Yoga classes are on offer with radiant heat at a pleasant temperature of 28-32 degrees.


Barre Fit

Barre classes are exploding in popularity with specific Barre studios opening worldwide. Classes use a standard Ballet Barre together with light hand weights and rubberized tubing to create a fantastic workout that can lengthen, strengthen and improve posture. Class variations include Barrefit, Pilates Barre, Cardio Barre, Stretch Barre and Strength Barre. The Tarkett dance floor enables us to also offer beginner and intermediate Ballet Barre classes for technique strength, stretch and "dancer legs" (who wouldn't want that!)



A popular conditioning class centred on the body, releasing strain and strengthening core muscles - incorporated with correct breathing techniques. Re.Creation also offers great variations including Barre Pilates and Power Pilates.



The class will guide you in the meditation process for 20 min and finish with a 10 mins of deep relaxation. Great way to end your workout!!



A moving meditation class that uses stretching and coloured light to improve well-being. Studies have shown that colour has a powerful effect on both our physical and emotional states and can be used to manage stress and aid relaxation. Rejuvenate has been developed over a number of years and is anchored in the Eastern tradition of the 7 energy centres of human subtle anatomy known as chakras.



Zumba is a fun, happy dance class with a party atmosphere, combining Latin, African and Bollywood rhythms with sculpting steps!
With all the fun your having, you won’t realise you've actually burnt off a lot of calories and worked those muscles!!


The Velodrome is our brand new spin room, designed like a Velodrome, with nearly 40 of the latest Keiser spin bikes. Spinning provides all the fitness benefits of cycling, but allows you to work harder and faster in a safe environment with energising beats! With numerous (and growing) number of spin classes throughout the week and great instructors, you’ll be able to enjoy getting fit fast.  See our Group Fitness Timetable for class times. Take a look at our cool spin room – The Velodrome.


Everyone needs a little support every now and again. Whether you’re just starting out and need some advice and motivation to kick start your fitness campaign, or you are an experienced gym enthusiast wanting to reach the nest level – a personal trainer is your ticket to success! Our highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers dedicate their time solely to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, by supporting, demonstrating and motivating you all the way.  Our trainers also offer personalised ongoing nutritional assistance, free of charge if requested.

Check out our great Personal Trainers. You can connect directly, or contact Reception and have one of our staff match you with the right trainer depending on your goals. And, if you are a new member, try one of our Personal Trainer Starter Packs with three PT sessions for just $75!


Our gymnasium features top of the range cardio equipment from Life Fitness and Avanti which are all equipped with individual TV screens. You can travel through breathtaking scenery from all over the world on the experiential virtual tour program that makes time and effort in the treadmill disappear. Being open 24 hours every day of the year means that you can do your weights or cardio program whenever you want. The gym features 20kg barbells, bumper plates and a lifting platform for both serious and recreational lifters. Pin and plate loaded equipment from life fitness and Hoist complete this first class facility.
Take a look at The Power Lab and Cardio Zone in our Gallery.
























































































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