“Functional Fitness” what’s it all about?

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“Functional Fitness” what’s it all about?

Functional training is the latest catchphrase in health and fitness. F45, Tabata, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and Crossfit are all variations.

Essentially functional training represents a low impact, full body workout that focuses on strength, core stability, cardiovascular fitness, and mobility in one session.  It trains not only the muscles but the ligaments, reducing the risk of injury.

It involves repetition of exercises with short rest periods. Exercises are highly varied and usually involve a large range of motion as well as horizontal, vertical and lateral movements.

By putting your “functional” fitness first, it is an ideal workout for everyday people wanting to move more comfortably. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increases coordination and mobility
  • Improves strength, posture and balance
  • Helps with joint pain, reduces risk of injury
  • Burns calories and tones
  • Exercises your brain and reduces stress



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