How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer For You

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How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer For You

Choosing the right personal trainer should be amongst your first priorities when you’re planning your own personal health and wellness journey. A personal trainer should keep you motivated and achieving those goals every step of the way.

Here are some of the most important things you should look for when deciding upon which personal trainer to choose.

What are YOUR Fitness Goals?

Everyone at the gym is on their own personal journey. What’s yours? A personal trainer can help you find the best route to achieve and realise your goals, but you’re going to need to have one that works with you and motivates you to achieve every milestone.

Ensure that your goals are SMART. Here’s an example of a gym member’s journey that a personal trainer can help you achieve:

  • Specific: I want to lose 10 kilos by next summer
  • Measurable: 10kg
  • Attainable: With proper motivation from myself and the personal trainer, I can achieve this
  • Relevant: Losing weight increases my overall health, how I look on the beach, and further motivates me to continue setting goals at the gym in the future
  • Timely: By next summer

Of course, everyone has different goals in mind. Some are realistic and some are not. Don’t expect your personal trainer to achieve the goals for you, only you can do that. The personal trainer is there to support you and show you the most efficient ways to go about achieving those goals.

Furthermore, you can’t walk into a gym and expect to look like the most fit people there overnight. Unrealistic goals are doomed to failure from the beginning, so don’t bother. Small and achievable goals are guaranteed progress, however small, in the right direction. This is what you should be aiming for and is something a personal trainer can acutely address with you.

Consider Personality and Chemistry

Just like our bodies are all different, so too are our interactions with people we meet. Personal trainers are no exception. Find one that meshes well with your personal goals and that you feel like you can get along with.

At Re-Creation Malvern, we’ve got a wide range of trainers from different backgrounds and with different passions and areas of expertise.

A huge part of finding a personal trainer is personality. You could have the best personal trainer in the world for your goals and that provides top-level advice and workouts, but if you just don’t get along then you’ll be sure to lose motivation.

Likewise, go for a trainer that understands your needs. For example, a female trainer can have much better insight into appropriate workouts for women, so keep that in mind. Have a look at our personal trainers and arrange to meet with one that can help you achieve your goals.

At Re-Creation Malvern we have a wide range of friendly and experienced trainers. You can check out our trainer profiles here.

What Kind of Training do You Require?

Obviously, a cardiovascular training routine won’t do much for your strength training just as a free weights-focused routine won’t help you train for a marathon. Once your goals are established and you’ve found a trainer that you feel like can help you get there, you’re going to need to go over what kind of training is required.

Your trainer can help you find training routines that you’ll enjoy and that aren’t boring or unproductive for you but will also incrementally help you achieve your goals in a safe and consistent manner. Gradual progress is the name of the game here, so be sure to go over with your trainer which activities you think you’ll enjoy and which are not enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a great beach body, your needs and goals will differ vastly from someone who needs to train for a big marathon or that is looking to lose a lot of weight quickly. Talk with your trainer about what you need to do both in the gym as well as outside, because the latter can be just as (if not more) important, especially in terms of diet. A poor or unsuitable diet can ruin all of your progress at the gym, so stay motivated and communicate difficulties with your personal trainer.

One-to-One or Group Training: What’s Better?

There’s no simple answer here. Solo classes will help you and you only to achieve your personal goals and can be very beneficial if you have unique needs or feel more comfortable with your trainer.  Re-Creation Malvern also has a great option for friends or small groups. Small Group Training is a great blend between a group setting whilst not giving up the sense of personalised attention and care from your personal trainer.

Group training is a great option if you’ve already got specific goals in mind and don’t need the personalised level of care of one-on-one personal trainers. Whether it’s FiT45, Spin Class, or Virtual Fitness and Yoga, we’ve got fitness classes that can help you achieve your goals in a productive and motivating manner.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you, but a great personal trainer can help you reduce time and effort in trying to achieve your goals in the beginning at the very least because they have the experience and techniques that can help you more efficiently meet those personal goals of yours.

Make A Start

Many of our trainers offer free or discounted introductory sessions and we also offer discounted membership rates for personal training clients enabling full access to our 24/7 gym, facilities and diverse range of group fitness classes including spin, FiT45, yoga, Pilates & Zumba. To discuss your health and fitness needs and goals, or try out personal training services for yourself, contact us at Re-Creation Malvern today.

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