Member story: Helen & Andrew

Member story: Helen & Andrew

Helen & Andrew are one of the many great couples that train together at Re-Creation Malvern.


I joined Re-Creation in 2017. Andy raved about his fabulous Health Club so I thought I’d check it out. When I was younger I did Commando training programs – then I grew up and found yoga.

When I joined, I knew I was carrying too much weight for my height. I really enjoy my weights work out, walking, yoga, Pilates, spin and FiT 45. Andy and I have a lot of fun doing some classes together. We have a laugh and I dob him in to the instructor for not working hard enough!

What I love about my Health Club most is the people. The staff and instructors are top notch, members are friendly and I love that Andy and I can do this together.

Andy (Hoges)

I’ve been into sports and resistance training all my life and had my first dabble in health and fitness clubs in the 1990s as an aerobics instructor.

With bubble gum blue lycra and the aerobic music playlist from hell in hand I got a job working at a club called ‘The Perfect Fit’ (now Anytime Fitness and Goodlife) teaching freestyle aerobics, step moves, funk and groove classes…those were the days!

Living around the corner, Re-Creation has become my ‘haven in a heartless world!’. I love the place and the staff and fellow fitness travellers who hang here. It’s a small gym that had a great feel for me from day 1 with everything you need to blast the bod into tip top shape.

My partner Helen now comes too. We both enjoy the facilities, classes and interaction…it’s a blast and heaps of fun”

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