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Personal Training

Struggling to stay motivated? New to exercise or coming back from an injury? Want to get in shape for a big event? Personal training can help you achieve your goals faster through providing expert advice, tailored support, and extra motivation.

Great Trainers

With a wide range of qualified, experienced and friendly trainers to choose from, we have a personal trainer for you whatever your goals, interests or age.

Small Group Training

Training with a friend or a small group is a great way to make personal training more affordable while still getting the benefits of individual attention.

PT Starter Pack

New members can purchase a PT Starter Pack including 3 x 30min sessions for just $75 when you join. A great way to get started in the gym or to test whether personal training is for you.


A personal trainer can help you achieve your goals faster through providing expert advice, exposure to the latest trends, tailored support, and extra motivation.

Some members use PT once or twice a week as a supplement to group classes and other training. Others might use PT three or more times per week, particularly when training for a specific event or goal.
Think about your goals, the type of training you like, and the type of personality you respond best to. Then check out our trainer profiles – many offer a free or discounted introductory. Alternatively contact reception and we’ll help find a match for you.

Each trainer sets their own pricing based on their experience and qualifications, the length of the session, and the number of clients in a session. Expect to pay $50-$60 for a typical 45-min individual session.