Should I lift weights?

Should I lift weights?

Lifting weights is not just for body builders. It can play an important role in sustaining a good quality of life through building muscle, preventing disease, improving mood and losing weight.

Some of the benefits of including weights in your health and fitness regime include:

  1. Better quality of life, for longer – resistance training can make you better able to handle day to day tasks and less susceptible to degenerative disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and injury.
  2. Feel better – like most forms of exercise, lifting weights can help with stress relief, sleep and general self-esteem. It can assist with depression, anxiety.
  3. Weight loss – lifting weights also speeds up your metabolism and having more muscle means you burn more calories even when you’re resting.
  4. Look better – while you’ll most likely need to watch your diet to fully reveal your shape, weight training can help you can make improvements in your shape.
  5. Perform better – the strength benefits of weight training shine through in other athletic pursuits such as running, cycling.It can assist with depression and anxiety through releasing endorphins.


Form is the most important aspect and there are range of machines that can help improve your strength while minimising risk of injury including pin weights.

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