Top 5 Reasons To Try Out A Spin Class

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Top 5 Reasons To Try Out A Spin Class

Spin classes have been a staple in gyms around the world for years and they’re a favourite for people from all walks of life. With one quarter down already, here are the top reasons why you really need to hop on a bike and finally try out a spin class in 2019.

1. Enjoyable high-intensity training

Like the idea of High-intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT) but not excited by the prospect of burpees, squat jumps, and lunges? Spin Classes are a great high-intensity cardio workout that burn calories fast in a fun and supportive environment. It works and people genuinely enjoy coming back to the class – the high participation rates and popularity of spin speaks for itself.

2. Yet, it’s still a low impact workout

Spin is a low-impact exercise which means it can be enjoyed safely by a lot of people, including anyone who may struggle with higher-impact cardio activities like jogging. It’s a lot easier on the joints making it a great cardio exercise choice for anyone who may be recovering from orthopedic injuries or adults with weaker hips, knees or ankles.  

3. All the fitness benefits of cycling and more

Get toned thighs and glutes like a cyclist without riding bike through traffic on your way to work by signing up to a regular spin class. The exercise also works your calf muscles and activates your abs for a stronger core. Unlike cycling, it’s not weather or season dependent and you’ll only need to share the space with your supportive spin class friends. No cars, no wind, no rain, no cold… no excuses!

4. You’re not alone: all the benefits of group training

On that note, spin classes are a brilliant training choice if you are a new gym member or seeking an encouraging and energising atmosphere to workout. People tend to turn up and train harder for longer in group training. Group fitness classes are designed by qualified instructors using the latest training techniques to make sure you get the most from your workout. With various morning and night class options to choose from at Re-Creation Malvern, it’s easy to fit a spin class to any busy work schedule.

5. Your heart will love you for it

Attending spin classes regularly will work wonders for your cardiovascular health. In addition to burning calories like wildfire, getting faster weight loss results and building leaner muscle definition, this cardio exercise will strengthen your heart and lungs while increasing blood circulation. Make it part of your overall routine.

Join The Party

Join in a spin session and experience the benefits for yourself. With a nightclub-quality sound system, modern up-to-date spin bikes, temperature controlled studio and most importantly inspiring trainers and a great uplifting atmosphere, the Velodrome at Re-Creation Malvern is the perfect environment for beginners. If you are not already a member at our Malvern health club, come in for a free trial to see if it’s right for you. Your spin bike awaits!

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