What are the benefits of radiant heat yoga?

///What are the benefits of radiant heat yoga?

What are the benefits of radiant heat yoga?

Infra-red radiation is the good part of the sun’s thermal energy. It helps to increase blood circulation without putting strain on the heart and this raises the level of oxygen and white blood cells in our blood, which helps the immune system to function well.

The human body is made up mainly of water. Radiant heat activates the water molecules in the body. Within minutes the body feels more relaxed and the muscles and joints feel less stiff and sore.

Radiant heat does not dry out your lungs, throat, mouth or nose or make you feel uncomfortable as traditional warmed and blown air systems can do. Instead the feeling is one of comfort – often likened to sitting in a glass room with the autumn sunshine on your back.

Exercising in the warmth created by infra-red radiant panels is safe and healthy. Benefits include elimination of toxins through sweating, increased blood circulation, greater relaxation of muscles and joints, less soreness, and better overall sense of wellbeing. It’s also great for your skin.


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