What Are Virtual Fitness Classes?

What Are Virtual Fitness Classes?

Technology has revolutionised the health and fitness industry tremendously. From fitness apparel to real-time analytics and apps for both daily use and whilst working out, it seems that there’s no shortage of ways in which technological advances blend with how we monitor and analyse our health and fitness.

What is a Virtual Fitness Class?

Our virtual fitness classes use the latest digital technology to provide scheduled and on demand classes from the world’s best instructors on a large screen with a nite club quality sound system in our awesome Body Retreat Studio. They’re great if you can’t make our live classes, want to learn some moves outside of a live class, prefer to do classes outside of group, or just want a blast to finish your gym routine.

Are Virtual Classes Right For Me?

The short answer is that virtual classes are appropriate for anyone. While it’s true that some classes are more beginner-friendly than others, it’s also true that the sheer amount of variety means that there’s really something for everyone. 

If you aren’t satisfied with a particular class or just don’t like the instructor or music, don’t worry – you can always choose a different class until you find one that meets your own personal fitness needs.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Fitness

While we certainly believe in the potential of virtual classes, there are some things you should consider before joining a virtual fitness class.


  • The instructor is always on time, even if that time is in the middle of the night
  • Ideal for customers with busy schedules that cannot make it to our group training
  • Recognised Les Mills™ quality with world-class fitness instructors
  • Wide variety of workouts available on demand
  • Great for all levels, including beginners
  • Good start for beginners that may be shy to join a larger, live class.


  • Far less personalised and motivating than our fantastic group training classes
  • Less camaraderie than a live class
  • Classes may feel repetitive at times.

What Type of Virtual Classes are Available?

Re-Creation Malvern proudly offers a wide range of Les Mills™ virtual classes in the following categories:

  • CXWORX™: a 30-minute core control workout that will build core strength and slim your waistline;
  • BODYPUMP™: a 30 to 55-minute weights class ideal for all levels, including beginners;
  • BODYCOMBAT™: a 30 to 55-minute physical martial arts training workout full of kicks, punches, and striking movements;
  • BODYBALANCE™: a 30 to 55-minute blend of yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi workout catering to achieving a well-balanced body and mind;
  • SH’BAM™: a dance-themed workout that will leave you wanting more. Set to a party music playlist;
  • And many more!

Should I Take Virtual Fitness Classes?

We generally recommend that you try to attend our live fitness classes, because there’s no true substitute for the personalised care and attention that our motivating instructors can provide you in person. 

If you’re shy of participating in group exercise or can’t make live classes due to a busy schedule, our virtual classes are a great alternative. You’re always welcome to come in and try it if you’re simply curious as well! They are a great way to finish a cardio or weight work-out. 

Re-Creation Malvern offers a wide range of virtual fitness classes in our Body Retreat Studio, so if you can’t make it to one of our live classes or would like to engage your body and mind with world-famous instructors on demand or at a scheduled hour, come in and give it a go.

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