What Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

Finding time to exercise in our busy daily life can seem like a chore, but regular exercise is necessary for maintaining optimum health as well as regulating our metabolism and sleep cycles. 

The short answer is that working out anytime is better than not working out at all, and that’s why Re-Creation Malvern is open 24 hours a day. No matter if you’re an early riser or a night owl, work during business hours or night shifts, or prefer non-peak times for your exercise routine, our facilities are conveniently open anytime*, day or night.

The question of whether it’s better to exercise at a particular time of day, however, is the subject of great debate from scientists and health and fitness gurus everywhere. There’s no quick answer but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that some times are generally better than others.

Early Mornings

If the early bird gets the worm, then early risers stand to benefit from a morning workout to give you that energy boost and a jolt of positive energy before heading off to the office. Morning workouts are shown to have great effects for those looking to lose weight (by kickstarting your metabolism) and improve sleep. It’s also thought to reduce blood pressure during the day. 


Early morning exercise isn’t always possible or feasible for everyone. If you’re not an early bird or simply prefer squeezing in your exercise during your lunch break or later on in the afternoon, there’s good news. Natural body temperature typically peaks later in the afternoon, and there’s also evidence to suggest that our strength and flexibility are at their best at this time, thereby giving you a little more energy for your routine workouts.

Late Evenings

There seems to be a consensus that evening workouts are problematic since they lower the production of melatonin, which means that you won’t feel sleepy immediately after working out and may have trouble following a normal sleep schedule. 

However, we believe that working out in the evening is far better than not working out at all, and there’s also an argument to be made that evening and nighttime workouts can lead to weight loss by lowering hormones that generate hunger.

If you are planning to come to Re-Creation Malvern in the evening or night, try to come by at least a couple of hours before you intend to sleep. Allowing your body ample time to wind down may allow you to still sleep normally at night without consequence.

Verdict – What Time is Best?

The debate over which time is best to workout will likely rage on for years to come, with fitness gurus, medical professionals, and studies of different sample sizes all favouring one time of day over another.

The bottom line is that there’s evidence to suggest that morning and afternoon workouts are preferable and that evening exercise may not be as bad as some claim, but in any case, the best time to exercise is whichever time fits your busy lifestyle. 

Our facilities at Re-Creation Malvern are open 24 hours a day, so you have the freedom to choose a schedule that works for you.

* 24-hour access requires 24-hour electronic access pass outside of staffed hours 

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