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Yoga Classes

Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “union”, referring to the connection between the body, breath and mind. Many people are familiar with physical aspects of yoga like the poses and movements but the practice actually encompasses a number of different spiritual, physical and mental practices used to cultivate self awareness, health and happiness.

With origins in ancient India, the practice has been around for thousands of years with modern yoga, which refers mainly to the physical practices, having becoming popularised worldwide since the 1980s. As part of our Mind & Body Program at Re-Creation Malvern, we offer a diversity of yoga classes with some of Melbourne’s best instructors.

We believe yoga classes are for everybody and everyone. You don’t have to be a nimble 20 something or a yogi to enjoy our classes (but you’re still more than welcome if you are!). We recommend you schedule a regular class as part of a balanced health and fitness regime. All our yoga classes are led by experienced and friendly teachers who will make you feel welcome.

Our Yoga Classes

We offer all of the following classes weekly in our Body Retreat yoga studio fitted with specialist flooring, radiant heat yoga panels, and ballet barres.

YOGA: B.E.N (Be Empowered Naturally)
A fusion of Yoga styles, natural healing and spirituality. The class utilises Yoga postures, breathing techniques, sound, music, colour & light therapies. A unique and very popular class created and instructed by the enigmatic Ben Sofowora.

Using a variety of yoga techniques and styles, participants will be challenged and empowered as well as become more balanced of heart, mind and body. Traditional yoga suitable for all levels.

Contemplative and mindful movement that blends together the asanas (postures / poses) into an unforgettable yoga experience.

Great for those new to Yoga and wanting to understand the fundamentals before moving to more challenging styles. It is also well suited to those that are yoga experienced.

Vinyasa yoga features postures that are aligned and linked to the breath so that movement occurs with each inhalation and exhalation. There is a dynamic flow from pose to pose.

A gentle, restorative yoga – very popular in our age of high stress and demanding lifestyles; a mix of flowing asanas (postures) and mindful movement. Suitable for all.

YOGA: GAIA (Virtual Class)
Wide variety of styles including Gentle, Kundalini, Yoga for Belly, Butts & Thighs, and Cardio Yoga. This is an on demand virtual class.


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Try Yoga @ Re-Creation Malvern

If you’re looking for supportive and great value yoga classes in Malvern, Armadale, Malvern East, Toorak, Caulfield, Prahran, Glen Iris, St Kilda East or surrounds, we offer a diverse range of classes in our Body Retreat yoga studio.

We’re conveniently located on Glenferrie Rd just across from Malvern Central with ample parking spaces and within walking distance of route 6 and 16 tram stops and Malvern and Armadale train stations.

We have a range of affordable and flexible membership options including casual and multi-visit passes. Contact us for more details or if you’re new to Re-Creation Malvern click here for a 5-day free trial of our classes, gym and facilities.